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Now for the legal bits...

Order, order on court... Here at No Strings Badminton we do like to keep things ship shape and all above board, especially when it comes to promotion time. So, take a little bit of time out from swinging a racket at your local session to read over the terms and conditions tied to the latest exciting incentive.

Promotional Terms & Conditions

  • Promotion runs from 5 January to 5 April 2015

  • Participants must attend 4 sessions in the same calendar month to win a free T-Shirt.

  • Attending a session in the week of the 30 March – 5 April will count as an attendance in March.

  • Participants are allowed to claim multiple T-Shirts if they meet the attendance criteria. (Maximum of 3 per participation throughout the promotional period).

  • T-Shirts are non-transferable nor carry a financial value that can be exchanged for full or part in cash.

  •  Session attendances must occur on different dates, regardless of session duration, within the promotion period, [i.e. a 2 hour session counts as 1 attendance].

  • A valid email address and postcode is required on the register to claim free T-Shirt.

  • Badminton England won’t accept register information uploaded after 19th April 2015.

  • Once fulfilled, T-Shirts cannot be exchanged under any circumstance. 

  • T-Shirts will be sent directly to participating leisure centres and it will be their responsibility to distribute to qualifying participants.

  • For any questions relating to this promotion please contact  

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